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Arizona Renaissance Fair,
Early February through late March, weekends and Presidents Day.  Stop by if you're in town!
The Carolina Renaissance Festival
October into early November
Recent Performances:
The Arizona Renaissance Festival
Apache Junction, Arizona

The Carolina Renaissance Festival
Charlotte, North Carolina

The Original Dulcimer Players Club Festival
Evart, Michigan

University of Oklahoma Medieval Fair
Norman, Oklahoma

Dickens On the Strand
Galveston, Texas

Midland Folk Music Society
Midland, Michigan

Wheatland Music Festival
Remus, Michigan


Puckerbrush Players
About Us
Allen and Joyce Switzer have followed their careers in music and education into retirement. Now they enjoy their music playing Hammered Dulcimers at Renaissance Fairs and dulcimer events around the country.  Allen & Joyce call Michigan home and have been married 47 years.  

Allen has a Bachelors of Music degree in Music Education with a minor in Theory and Composition and a minor in Performance.  He also has a Master of Arts degree in the administration and supervision of public school personnel.  Joyce has a Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education with minors in Music, English, and History. Both are Western Michigan Alumni.

Allen & Joyce have always had an interest in the various cultures that founded this great nation.  They traveled extensively during the summers while raising their two children from 1961 until 1982, and brought back with them a tremendous appreciation for the country’s diversity.  

Shortly after retirement the couple turned their focus to Celtic Folk Music. Many years ago, while traveling in Colorado, they discovered a fascinating instrument… the hammered dulcimer.  This encounter captured their imagination. As a master woodworker and craftsman, Allen decided to build his own dulcimers, and with Joyce’s encouragement, the two embarked on a new and exciting chapter in their lives.  The challenge to learn & perform beckoned them, and soon they found themselves out on the road, playing to audiences around the country.  

Their performances are nothing short of fantastic!  Not only do they play dulcimers, but they also incorporate into their performance the flute, bodhran, and a dancing wooden doll named Woodard!  Always a crowd pleaser, the Pucker Brush Players “wow” audiences and provide a wonderful form of family entertainment that you won’t soon forget!


About the WebMistress:
The Puckerbrush Players are actually my parents!  I thought I was being rebellious when I married a biker/musician instead of an engineer.  To get back at me, my parents retired, ran away, and joined the circus.
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